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Supporters & Member Associations

We are grateful to be members & supporters of the following associations:



The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO) supports farmers to build resilient ecological farms and grow a strong knowledge-sharing community.

Cullen's Foods 

Cullen’s Foods was born out of a love of food, growing and community. We only deal with Canadian farmers we know to transparently provide the best quality products in a manner that improves our physical health, our environment and our communities – locally and abroad.


London Area Organic Growers

The London Area Organic Growers (LAOG) is a network of local organic farmers from the London and surrounding area. The farmers of LAOG put a high value on the environment and endeavour to create healthy soils and grow nutritious foods to nurture healthy people.

Ontario Woodlot Association

As an organization built by enthusiastic and engaged people, committed to using best management practices in order to live, work and play in our forests. The Ontario Woodlot Association and its members work to restore, manage and advocate for healthy forest ecosystems.


Huron Perth Woodlot Association

Huron Perth Woodlot Association started in 1995 as a chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association. They brought together people of similar interests dedicated to managing their woodlots in a sustainable manner. With various outings over the course of the year, they demonstrate these management options, in a hands-on manner.