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Pasture Raised Poultry

Pasture raised, our birds are truly wonderful. We raise our chickens on grass in moveable pens

  • The chickens stay cleaner since they’re on fresh ground regularly.
  • Although White Rock chickens aren’t known for being brilliant or athletic, they do get some mental and physical stimulation from exploring a new patch each day.
  • The fresh greenery offers a diversion for them which helps to reduce boredom inspired behavior such as fighting and picking at each other.
  • They get to eat bits of fresh greenery that adds variety to their diet and likely subtly changes their flavour.
  • The grass grows much greener after the chickens have visited an area.
  • Watching them chasing the pen forward as it’s moved is entertaining and fun!

Our birds are proudly processed at Schefter’s Poultry Processing, one of the dwindling number of top notch, progressive, small rural processing facilities.