Trick’s Creek Farm

In short-

Awesome 100% Grass Fed Ontario Beef from start to finish all right here – No feedlot – no corn – no soy – no drugs – just grass.

The three paragraph summary is….

Trick’s Creek Farm is an evolving family farm between Clinton and Bayfield Ontario in the centre -west part of Huron County.  Owned by Bill and Thea Trick and operated by their son Tom, Trick’s Creek Farm proudly produces exceptional food for its customers.  Tom, his wife Cherilyn and children Anna, Alex and Charlie are all active participants in the activites around the farm.
The farm is focused on three main items.

A herd of beef cattle.

Producing great tasting, healthy beef in a sustainable way with the highest regard for the environment is the “prime” focus.  Going through the process of certifying the beef as organic is now underway the first “certified organic” 100% grassfed beef should be ready for fall of 2018.  Until then – same product is available with less cost and paperwork.

Cash Cropping.

The fields on the farm are certified for organic crop production.  A small portion of the acreage is devoted to this each year.  Main crops are soybeans and wheat or spelt.  Lots of other crops have been tried for various reasons with varying success.  Long term, cash cropping is on it’s way out.  While the high prices for organic grains make it impossible to resist, soil health suffers.  As time goes on – the negative effects of cash cropping will become too obvious to overlook.   Buy more pastured beef and cropping won’t be needed for income!!!

Forest Products.

A large portion of the entire property is in woodlot or other natural areas.  Every year trees are selectively cut and used for a variety of purposes.  Firewood is cut and sold or used here,  lumber and custom large or odd dimension timbers are sawn and sold.  Occasionally logs that do not have a specific end use are sold.   The bush on the property make it an incredible place to be.  A bare farm of 100% workable acres is not something we aspire to here.


2 thoughts on “Trick’s Creek Farm

  1. Len Thomas

    Hellooooo Mr. Bill & Mrs Thea Trick :
    Reading about your plans for grass fed beel have have me in great anticipation for a future visit out to your Rancho. Keep up the good work and save a few Paw-Paw fruit for me!

    Best regards,
    Len Thomas

    1. trickscreekfarm Post author

      It’s much the same as your first visit 40+ (?) years ago! A few different creatures, some replaced roofs and lots more fence. It will be great to have you visit! Mom and Dad would love to see you! Take care, Tom


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