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Producing great tasting, healthy beef in a sustainable way with the highest regard for the environment is the “prime” focus. You can be confident that Beef from Trick’s Creek Farm will taste great, have a much more desirable omega 6:3 ratio (around 2) than conventional corn fed beef and will not have antibiotic residues, added growth hormones or systemic insecticide residues.
Going through the process of certifying the beef as organic has been done. The first “certified organic” 100% grass-fed cattle were processed in the fall of 2018. 

Our Herd

Our herd is a mix of Wagyu, Irish Dexter and Lowline Angus. The target is smaller frame, early maturing, strong healthy cattle that thrive year round outside on forage.

They’re a small breed of cattle that have not had decades of genetic selection for gain on grain diets. They certainly do not fit the commercial market system but are doing well here. They are small cattle that do well on grass and have proven to be hardy. Due to their small size, the cuts of meat are also smaller.

Lowline Angus

In 2017, a Lowline Angus bull was brought in. Our goal is to match the size of the bull and the cow to keep a smaller frame cow with more beefy characteristics. Early maturing, grass loving, hardy, relaxed cattle is the goal – all in a package that is a few hundred pounds less than the commercial feedlot ideal.

Also in 2017 a Wagyu bull was added to our herd. Wagyu cross calves have now been born and are growing well. Wagyu is a very sought after breed, mainly due to their heavily marbled steaks. Along with the goal above of early maturing, grass loving, hardy and relaxed – the Wagyu adds an extra kick to the marbling and eating experience!