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Beef - Sampler Pack

Beef - Sampler Pack

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Beef Sampler Pack – 13 lbs @ $14/lb = $182

- Roast - One 2.5-3 lb roast - Rump/Round/Sirloin tip/Blade or Cross Rib roast
- Steaks 3 lbs – a variety that may include Strip Loins, Rib-eyes, T- bones, Wing Steaks, Blade Steak and Sirloin
- 3-4 1 lb packages of lean Ground Beef
- 1 1 lb pack of stir fry/fajita beef strips

- 1 1lb pack of stewing beef
- 1 package of only beef sausage - 4 links per pack - your choice of Honey Garlic, mild or hot Italian
- 1 package of marrow/soup bones

This is a great option to try out 100% grass fed beef. See if you like the flavour and texture of beef that hasn’t been fattened on grain. This will easily fit in the freezer compartment of your fridge with room to spare.