A really enjoyable part of the farm life.

Lumber – wide (up to 27″), thick (2″-4″+) live edge slabs for desks, tables, counter tops, bar tops, benches – you name it – so much more authentic than glue and sawdust covered with wood grain stickers.  Individually priced from $150-$800+.

Long – sawing up to 32′.  Boat or canoe project stringers, gunnels, decking.  Stair banisters or longer than standard deck railings.  Timberframe barn or home  squared timbers custom sawn.

Sawing rate is $80/hr here – $95/hr + travel at your site.

White cedar for decking or privacy fencing.  $1.60/ bd ft.

Email with your needs or ideas and I’ll quote if I’m able to do it.

Firewood is always available.  Stove length, outdoor furnace length.  Delivery is available at a reasonable rate.  Slab wood and campfire wood is usually available at very economical prices.

Hardwood Stove length $75/face cord (32 cubic ft).  Delivery in 3 face cord loads – delivery starts at $30/ load.

Furnace wood – hardwood 3′ long in 1 cubic meter mesh tote bags $65.  Get your order in early so the wood is dry. Easy handling for folks with loaders.

Slabs and other campfire wood –  $40/cubic meter, small bags – $5/ bag

A good selection of species in both logs and lumber. Maple, Beech, Cherry, Walnut, Pine, Spruce, Tamarac, Cedar, Hemlock, Elm, Ash (while it lasts). Some interesting lumber – ironwood / hophornbeam, mulberry…..