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Chili – Chili – Chili

Everyone that likes Chili has their favourite version of it. Here’s a version that I’ve tested on a few different groups and it got good reviews from everyone. The way this winter is going, give it a try soon because BBQ season is getting close!

One of the things that’s great about Chili is that it can be a really satisfying, healthy and locally sourced meal year round. The basic core ingredients are frozen, canned or locally grown vegetables that store well.

One other note to add before giving away the secret recipe…. while at the Guelph Organic Conference, I came across Cullen’s Foods. They’re an Ontario company that sources directly from individual growers. They source, pack and market organic edible beans for retail. Their traceability system is pretty neat where the package you buy can be quickly searched on their website to the farm it was grown on. Their beans add another “know everything about where your food was grown” to Chili ingredient list.

Down to Business


    2 lbs of ground beef.
    2 540 ml cans of your choice of beans (kidney, black turtle…….)
    1 796 ml can of crushed tomatoes
    1 398 ml can of diced tomatoes
    1 green or red pepper diced
    2 medium onions
    4 cups of sliced or diced mushrooms
    2 tablespoons of Chili powder
    1 tablespoon of Smoked Garlic Powder from the Garlic Box
    4 tablespoons of Honey


  • In a nice heavy cast iron pan – break up and brown the ground beef –
  • Brown/sauté the mushrooms, onions and peppers
  • Rinse the beans and add everything into a Crock Pot on low heat.

Let it simmer for at least an hour, preferably 2-4 hrs. Serve with some toast/bun/cheese on top……

It reheats well and a big batch can last a couple of days around here. It’s also pretty handy and healthy to put in a little soup thermos for the kids lunches. An actual healthy, warm lunch that the kids like that’s pretty economical to boot.

Any feed back or other variations – Please share! Healthy, tasty feel good meals that require LOTS of beef are always of interest to us 😉.

Photos will get posted after the next batch is made!