Beef Packages and Prices 2017

Packages and Prices for 2017

All pricing listed below is based on packaged, frozen, ready to cook weights.

The Prices!
Sampler Pack – 12 lbs – $12.50 per lb = $150

One roast (approx 4 lb)
Four Steaks (approx 4 – @ 1 lb each)
3 lb packages of Lean Ground Beef
One package of Beef garlic sausage (1.3 lbs +-)

This is a great option to try out 100% grass fed beef. See if you like the flavour and texture of beef that hasn’t been fattened on corn. This will easily fit in the freezer compartment of your fridge with room to spare.

Small Mixed Package – 40 lbs – $11.25 per lb = $450

More variety than a Sampler package but still can fit in a small freezer. It consists of:

Approx 9 lbs of roasts (two or three roasts)
Approx 6.5 lbs of steaks (8 to 10 steaks)
19.5 lbs of Ground Beef in 1.5 lb or 1 lb packages
5 lbs of Garlic or Plain Beef sausage (4 packages)

Mixed Quarter – 75 lbs – $10 per lb = $750

Almost double the amount of the package above. A selection of almost all the cuts from the side. There is some flexibility, if there are specific roasts or a favoured type of steak, let me know when ordering and I will modify as much as fairness allows.

18 lbs of Roasts
13 lbs of Steaks
32 lbs of Ground Beef in 1.5 lb or 1 lb packages
12 lbs of Garlic or Plain Beef Sausage – 9 packages

A Full Side – $8.50 per lb

Just as you would expect, you get all the cuts from a full side. This is ideal if you have special butchering preferences. This is also the most economical way to get a great selection of exceptional Beef! The weight depends on the animal and to some extent on the aging and butchering instructions. Weight of ready to cook beef per side can vary between 200 to 260 lbs.  The $ per lb is fixed but the final packaged weight is unique to the order.  Sharing this between families is an ideal way to go.

Burgers – Ground Beef – Sausage – Peperettes – Etc….

Boxes of Burgers – 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef – approx 36 burgers at about 1/3 lb each. Approx 14 lb per box – $8.49 per lb – $118 per box.

Also available in vacuum packed 6 packs – 2 lb – $8.75 per lb – $17.50.

Ground Beef – 15 lb box in 1.5 or 1 lb packages – $8.49 per lb – $127.

Ground Beef – 30 lb box in 1.5 or 1 lb packages – $7.99 per lb – $239.

Pure beef sausage available in 1.1 lb vacuum sealed packs. $11.00 per package. Currently plain, mild Italian and garlic available. Other flavours are available but have to be pre ordered.

Soup bones !!! – well trimmed marrow bones usually 2 per pack – paper wrapped – $4.00/lb.

Liver, Ox tail, tounge, heart – please pre-order – $4.00/lb

Mild and medium peperettes are available. A great idea for lunches and snacks for kids. Please drop a note if you’re interested. Packaging size, flavour and recipes have flexibility depending on tastes.  Jerky is also available!!

Steaks, Roasts, Sausages and Peperettes are vacuum packed. With thoughtful handling to prevent punctures, your purchases will store well for more than 6 months in your freezer.

Many factors contribute to the pricing both from the viability side and the market competition side.  Here is a link from the USDA that has pricing information. Unlike here in Canada, the US has a legal definition of Grass Fed Beef.  USDA GRASS FED BEEF PRICES

As time goes on and the grass fed market expands, it should be reasonable to think an Ontario equivalent will become available.  Until then, links will be added that are used by me to gauge my fairness and competitiveness in pricing.

2 thoughts on “Beef Packages and Prices 2017

  1. Rosemary Boyd

    Hello from London Ontario
    I would like to order a sampler pack of beef for delivery when ever you are heading to town.
    Thank you,
    519-857-3631 cell


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