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phone/msg 519 482 1637

Box 1911 Clinton On N0M 1L0

37733 Bayfield Road Clinton On

10 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. trickscreekfarm Post author

      Good morning Diane. Turkey and chicken prices are $4-4.25/lb. weights for turkeys vary from approx 12 lbs to around 20lbs. Chickens vary from 3.5 to 8 lbs. Sooo – a turkey will start at about $48 and chickens start around $13.

      1. trickscreekfarm Post author

        Not too late at all. One issue however is that legally I am only able to sell turkeys and chicken if the purchase happens on the farm. If you’re familiar with supply management- this won’t surprise you. If you’re not familiar with supply management- it’ll amaze you. So- I do have a small number of turkeys still available for Christmas- they have to be picked up at the farm.

  1. diane

    Would like to pick a turkey up sturday morning please. If you have one around 15lbs would be great. Thanks (could you send us directions

  2. trickscreekfarm Post author

    I’d like to accommodate and be flexible but we’ve got our family Christmas on Saturday. Sunday is a possibility or any day next week can certainly work as well. Give a call 519 482 1637 if you like and we can find a convenient solution and I’ll get you directions.

  3. Tammy Roy

    We’ll be vacationing in the area in a few weeks. Are we able to buy smaller quantities of meat/poultry? Just hoping for a great dinner 3-4 nights.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Tammy Roy

    1. Trick's Creek Farm Post author

      Hi Tammy. Yes! Coming by the Farm or checking in at Maitland Market where they carry my beef are both options. At the moment, I have a good stock of beef sausages and burger patties but the choice of nice grilling steaks is limited till mid September. Chicken is available at the farm only due to supply management restrictions. Email me at to set up a time to pick up and see the farm! Tom


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