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The Fatty Acid Profile of the Beef!

For anyone that’s interested, here is the complete report of testing done on a roast sent to Maxxam Analytics (food tester) for testing.

If anyone would like to compare this to any other results that they are aware of or make comments, it would be welcome.

Please look at the dates.  I’ve just now hopefully figured out how to post pdfs on wordpress.  Thank goodness for the slower winter time and the freedom to sit down at the computer for a bit.

Many of the tested items are of little meaning to me personally but do serve as a benchmark for our product.  I hope to make the testing at least an annual event and in the future will attempt to submit some “Ontario corn fed Beef” of the same cut to see the difference (if any).  In studies that I have seen, there seems to be a consistent difference between grain finished and grass finished beef.

maxxam test results

A big factor in whether one type of raising beef is considered more “healthy” than another is the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.  More grass and forage seems to lead to more omega 3 vs omega 6.  More grains – the opposite.  A fascinating topic well worth a google.  CLA’s, Omega 3’s, animal welfare, e-coli levels – just the tip of the iceberg of topics that come up when comparing corn beef to grass beef.

As always, comments or emails are welcome!