Monthly Archives: March 2016

Cowspiracy-a worthwhile watch

I finally got around to watching Cowspiracy last night.  A lot of really good bits of info and I plan on looking into a few of the people he interviewed.  It certainly reinforces my thoughts on the industrial corn soy animal system.  

He curiously missed the step where 40% ish of the U.S. corn crop gets brewed into ethanol before the spent grain gets to the cattle but it’s only a small addition to the overall silliness.

His takes on grazing/Allan Savory/human population growth are not as thorough or accurate as they could be in my view.  Curiously, the carbon sequestration in soils or a discussion on improving soil health didn’t get a significant mention.  When one of the focuses of the documentary is sustainable food production- improving soil health should have had more attention in my view.

I did think that the dairy guys from California were refreshing.  In my view their comments indicated that they had a better understanding of the situation than almost all the others interviewed.

Mr. Lyman seems to be well grounded in reality too.  The biggest hurdle with the vegan approach in my view is the free choice and free market that a lot of the world operates in.  People with money will eat how they wish and use their resources as they wish.

As always, Pollan’s comments are refreshingly sincere, unbiased and based in reality.

In Summary- well worth the watch. Some omissions and distortions but more credible than a lot of amateur “environmental” documentaries I’ve seen.