Monthly Archives: July 2015

Steaks are sold out!

The inevitable has arrived – aside from some marinading sirloin steaks, the perfect grilling cuts are temporarily out of stock.  There will be more mid-late September.  Speak up and order early!  The best way to make sure you have them in your freezer when you need them is to get them at processing time by buying a quarter or half!  

Flood in July 

hmmm possibly some different approaches to farm drainage and soil management could be considered?  Photo is of creek flow after a heavy rain.  Somewhere between 1-11/2″ in two or three hours.  12 hr rainfall total would be more but less than 3″ for sure.  Water in the creek was clear 12 hrs before this photo.  Four days later, it’s still the colour of chocolate milk.  Row cropping – ooooh yea!  Love the cash croppin’ Making sure there’s no soil left for the kids to grow things in and that Lake Erie doesn’t get all the glory about toxic algae blooms.   


Soybeans are coming along

Photo was taken a week ago or so.   Organic – no chemical fertilizer, no herbicide, no neonics- replanted June 1 due to frost in late May that did a fair bit of damage to the first planting.  Minimal tillage after planting, two passes with tine weeder, one scuffler.  Planning on one more pass with scuffler before the rows get too filled in.  So far so good.  Hopefully an average yield year after a June 1 seeding date.


A hatch of barn swallows are away!

Two photos of the little swallows from a nest in the brooding spot for this year’s chicks.  They are incredibly agile fliers.   Apparently their population is in general decline but they seem to be doing well here.  A few old style buildings with historically good nest building spots likely make it an easy choice for them. 

Photo #1- I’m preparing the brooding spot on July 7.  The little one don’t look impressed. 

A couple of days later, the four little ones are sitting together on the fence and then the hydro line above the brooding building.

   Only one swallow nest and a robin nest in the brooding spot but certainly another half dozen or more swallow nests in different buildings on the farm.  

Very cute frog

Some years for days at a time the ground is alive with 1 cm long toads.  It’s amazing and makes you think twice about every step (not wanting to make toad jam).  Not the case this year.  The better part of a month of dry weather in the early/mid part of spring likely had an impact on the hatch.   I did however find this little frog near the woodpile yesterday.