Monthly Archives: January 2015

Grass seed order for 2015 is in.

After a relatively short back and forth with the seed dealer, the mix has been decided on and the order placed. 9 species of grasses and legumes. Soybean ground from last summer and a couple of other smaller fields that need it are going to get a chance at a solid start. With any luck it should look good before the end of July. Fingers are crossed for good weather for a good catch!

Guelph Organic Conference, here we go!

I’m eagerly looking forward to the next few days. Lots of very interesting topics presented by ingenious, persistent knowledgeable leaders in the organic trade.

I will be attending on Thursday and Saturday to catch a few presentations and hopefully meet some familiar faces and new ones too.

I have always found the guelph organic conference to be time well spent, if only the weather would always cooperate to make travel easier.